Sideband #7: Down with 3D!

I completely forgot to rant about 3D when I wrote about the Green Lantern movie. Part of the reason I did forget is that I didn’t see it in 3D.

Except for certain special cases — basically occasionally checking to see the state of the art — I will never willingly see any movie in 3D.

Number me, along with film critic Roger Ebert, as a hater of 3D.

I’ll write a much longer rant later, but I just wanted to get that out there in case anyone was going to ask about how I liked the 3D in Green Lantern.

I have no opinion about the 3D (except to despise it in general), because — thankfully — I didn’t see the 3D. (I hate to think a time could come when I won’t have the choice to see the 2D version.)

On rare occasion, I will see a 3D movie, as I said, to check out the state of the art. Also with the idea of “know thy enemy.”

But I would never do that with any live-action film. The only sort of film I would even consider seeing in 3D would be an animated film that was created and rendered in 3D.

The main reason for that is that 3D is necessarily darker.

It has to be, because it’s a filthy trick being played on your eyes.

The only way it works is to provide each eye with separate images your brain tries to merge into a 3D image. There’s various ways of doing this, but they all involve reducing the light that reaches each eye.

There’s a lot more to this, and I will write rant about it later, but for now, please, “Just say NO to 3D!”

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