Sideband #36: 3000 Bottlecaps

Some things are so cool that you just have to participate in the whole viral, retweety, rebloggy, “did you see this” thing and pass it on to everyone you know.  As I’ve said before, I’m not normally a big fan of advertising (lies, more lies and damned lies), but sometimes they really do hit it out of the park:

The fact that this is one of my all-time favorite beers just makes it double-plus cool. (In fact, I was drinking Newcastle Brown Ale before it was popular; when it was hard to find all all, let alone reasonably fresh.)

The shadow of the man reaching for the beer is cast by 3000 bottle caps carefully positioned so the light source (far left) creates the desired shadow. (It would be interesting to see during the day.)


I stumbled on this great picture for on the BuzzFeed site, in the Greatest Billboard Ever? article, which has just the picture along with a link to a source article. The link led to an article on the AdWeek site, Beer Billboard Casts Long Shadow. There’s a nice article there that provides a bit of explanation along with a couple videos. It also had a source link, and that link led me back to WordPress to an article, Shadow Art installation – from Newcastle Brown Ale, on the Little Bites of Creative Inspiration blog by w3bkitten.

So I’ve brought the trail back home to WordPress!

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