Daily Archives: August 1, 2011

The Night of Bruce Springsteen

This is an account of one of those perfect events when all the stars align and things go your way. That doesn’t happen very often (at least for me), so it’s worth remembering. And recording.

So throw on a Bruce Springsteen album (yes, ‘album,’ damnit), grab a beer (or whatever) and join me in a little trip down Memorex lane.

[cue wavy time fade effects…]

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Sideband #23: Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad!

They’ve been married for 64 years!!

Pretty amazing in this day and age!

«♥» «♥»

Thanks to them, I know that long-term true love is possible. (Not that I’ve found it (yet), mind you, but I know it is possible!)

So drink a toast to my ‘Rents!!

Way. To. Go!