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Westworld: S1E4

These are my notes for Dissonance Theory, episode four of Westworld, season one. As with all these “notes” posts: Serious Series Spoilers! Do not read unless you’ve seen season one (they won’t make sense, anyway)!

Several plot threads are in motion now: The MiB is pursuing the maze; William and Logan are having an adventure (a Dolores just joined them); Ford is up to… something (with Bernard’s help); Arnold and a Dolores are chatting; Elsie is worried about — and looking into — the hosts; Maeve is going off the rails; so is another Dolores; and Theresa has corporate concerns.

Plus there’s Lee, Teddy, Hector and Armistice, Lawrence (El Lazo), Stubbs, various others (and we haven’t even met Charlotte Hale, yet).

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