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The Pizza Question

pizza toppings-0So is there any legitimate food you absolutely cannot see being on a pizza? I don’t mean one you’d necessarily eat. I mean one that someone somewhere would eat? Is there anything, that if put on a pizza would result in everyone rejecting it?

Ideally, is there a combo that would make anyone a little queasy? I ask because I need a new go-to phrase for horrific food combinations. I’ve been using “onion root beer” for too long. (I always liked that one because root beer was my favorite soda as a kid.)

So what just doesn’t go on pizza? Ever. In any reality.

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2014 (redux)

JanusPerhaps it is a personal penchant for irony-leavened paradox that has me pen a post titled 2014 that turns out to be more a look backwards. The dash of irony comes from the explicit mention of not being one who spends much time looking back!

But, also as mentioned, there is a time and place for most things, and January is a more ideal place for that than you may realize. The month is named after the roman god,  Janus, god of beginnings and transitions, who has both a backward- and forward-looking face. The turning of the year is the time and place for both.

So here is a bit more looking back and looking forward.

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