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BB #28: Bad Bubbles

fans behind announcersI gotta be honest: the retired life is wonderful! It’s interesting to see how my mood has changed. It’s not quite a winter to summer change, but there are definitely fewer clouds in my skies these days.  I’ve found that some things that always got under my skin don’t have the same power to piss me off they once did.

I noticed that first with regard to fans situated behind announcers mugging the camera. It bugged me producers would set up such distracting circumstances, and it bugged me the damn fans were distracting me from the announcers.  The other day I found myself grinning due to a young man aping for the camera from his seat behind the sportscasters.

But that doesn’t mean some things still don’t piss me off or bum me out!

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Baseball Old School

baseball old schoolBaseball is here! It has been for weeks. Due to the blog bogs, it’s been a while since my last baseball post. It’s high time to rectify that!

One problem is that the Twins don’t give you a whole lot to talk about. They rarely earn many headlines on the hardball pages. (This is at least partially due to not earning many runs on the baseball fields.) We’re not dead last in any key stat, and we’re even doing pretty good in some areas. That’s relatively good news for Twins fans!

Today I want to talk about baseball, old school versus new school. It’s a choice you make—or one that’s thrust upon you—and which you adopt often informs many of your other views on the sport.

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