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Ground Rush

It’s Monday, but for me it’s the middle of week two (weak, too?) of six in the, “oh, crap, they eliminated my job, now what,” fun-filled fun fest. If you’re tuning in late, here’s chapter one of the story.  So far I’ve applied for a dozen different positions, had two interviews and have another one scheduled tomorrow.

Given that The Company seems fine with the idea of losing my 33 years experience (and over 35 years of software expertise), I’m very tempted to just consider the retirement options.  They aren’t what I’d hoped for, but… well, we’ll see.

I mentioned before that, if the clock does run out on this, it would be just in time for my birthday.  Turns out, if I don’t find another position within TC, my last day at work would, in fact, be my birthday.

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My Second Skydive!

Yesterday I told the tale of my first skydive with then new girlfriend (and now ex-wife). We both loved our first jump so much we came back a week later for second jump.

I wrote the original version of these stories about a year later. The versions here have been slightly revised to fill in some details, obfuscate some names and improve (I hope) the quality of the writing.

So sit right down and you’ll read a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. (And ironically, for those who caught the reference, the round-trip driving time to Hutch is about three hours.)

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