Baseball Movies

A list of baseball movies. This is a work in progress. If you’re reading this red part, the list isn’t done, yet. At this point, I’m just trying to get it all down…


Moneyball (2011) A movie about how the Oakland Athletics used sabermetrics to leverage a low-market team to amazing success. Has my favorite line about baseball in any movie: “You can’t not be romantic about baseball.” Based on the 2003 book by Michael Lewis.

Field of Dreams (1989) To the extent that I have a favorite baseball movie, it’s probably this one. A very special blend of baseball, mysticism, magic and spirituality, it gave us the immortal phrase, “If you build it, they will come.” No other baseball movie is this magical, although The Natural (see below) comes close. One of three baseball movies starring Kevin Costner!

Bull Durham (1988) The other great baseball movie starring Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Also has Robert Wuhl, who stars in Cobb (see below). Gave us the great quip, “The rose goes in front, big guy.” Also, Annie’s (Susan Sarandon’s) speech about the church of baseball is worth the ticket.

The Natural (1984) A mystical and allegorical movie about baseball. Features Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs, a “natural” baseball player and follows the many years of his success and struggles. Watch for a brief appearance by Joe Don Baker as “The Whammer” (Babe Ruth). Based on the 1952 book by Bernard Malamud.


The good, bad and ugly… actually most baseball movies are okay! There is one exception that I found dreadful (see below).

42 (2013) The story of the immortal Jackie Robinson (played by Chadwick Boseman) and Branch Rickey (a wonderful performance by Harrison Ford). Many have called the film overly “safe” or “tame” (or even “dull”), but Jackie’s widow, Rachel Robinson, was involved in the production and loves the result. Definitely a must-see baseball movie, I think.

The Perfect Game (2009) Based on W. William Winokur’s 2008 book by the same name, the story is about the only perfect game in little league history.

The Benchwarmers (2006) The only baseball movie I’ve ever seen and completely hated (to the point of having a hard time getting through it). When the credits rolled at the end I realized it was produced by Adam Sandler (who I can’t stand), which explains why I think this movie (like almost everything he does) is total crap. Infantile, puerile, empty crap. Avoid at all costs.

Fever Pitch (2005) A romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon (yes, that Jimmy Fallon).

For Love of the Game (1999) Kevin Costner’s third baseball movie.

Cobb (1994) Tommy Lee Jones as the infamous Ty Cobb and Robert Wuhl as the sportswriter who ghostwrites his autobiography. Cobb is a major figure in baseball’s past and a real piece of work.

Little Big League (1994) Little Billy inherits ownership of the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather. In part a romantic comedy (between Billy’s mom and one of his key players), it’s a fluffy family movie. But (as with Major League 3 below), I have a special fondness for it because it involves the Twins and the Metrodome.

The Sandlot (1993)

A League of Their Own (1992)

The Babe (1992) John Goodman as the legendary Babe Ruth.

Mr. Baseball (1992)

Major League (1989) Definitely my favorite baseball comedy. Spawned sequels in 1994 and 1998. I have a special fondness for the third one because it features the Minnesota Twins and the Metrodome.

Eight Men Out (1988)

The Bad News Bears (1976)

The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)

Please feel free to add comments mentioning any I’ve missed!

And what do you think?

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