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BB #67: Friday Bubbles

I’ve been on something of a mission to crank out posts in an effort to reduce my backlog of drafts and notes. (What’s discouraging is that I just found a pile of notes I’d tucked away and forgotten about. With any luck, most of those ideas will have aged out, and I can trash them.)

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d burn off a bunch of small ones in a Brain Bubble post. As usual, these are small seeds that never grew into a full post, but I hate to just toss the seedlings.

Today’s theme: Things that annoy me, but only slightly.

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BB #63: In the News

Time for another Friday News Dump! The good news is that these are about quite recent news articles that caught my eye. (The bad news is that I might dump some older ones on you if there’s room.)

Usually I present them, more-or-less, in order of their interest to me… and apparently to my readers, since the comments seem to always involve the first article. So this time I’m going to save the meatier one (in my eyes) for last hoping the others get some interest.

So the lineup is: Dog brains, static electricity, quantum DNA, and free will.

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Season of the Spark!

I felt a spark while shaking hands with someone tonight, and that [obvious pun]ed the thought that, “Oh, geeze, here we go: The Season of the Spark.”

Now I do mean a literal spark, as in zap, as in ouch, and that ouch-rageous zap signals (again, in the very literal sense of exchanging a very readable, very detectable, signal) the Season of the Spark.

And that means two things.

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