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Ends With A Fall

typewriterHere’s something that caught my eye: Researchers at the University of Vermont, in the Computational Story Lab (!), did an interesting word content analysis on 1,700 stories downloaded from Gutenberg. Each story had been downloaded at least 150 times by readers.

The researchers used “sentiment analysis” that measures the positive or negative emotional impact of words. Using a sliding window they attempted to characterize the “emotional arcs” of each story. Their goal was to see if there were common patterns.

Turns out, there are!

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Sideband #26: Proof Reading

As Homer Simpson so eloquently puts it, “D’oh!!”

It seems to be an iron-clad irony of writing that the number of proof reads required to find all errors in your writing is:

PR = N + 1

Where ‘N’ is the actual number performed. This rule appears to apply regardless of the actual value of ‘N’.

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