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Reflections: Work & Change

This is a piece I started almost a year ago, set aside for polishing and never returned to. It started as a rant and morphed into a looking back at what, now, might be the fullness of a career.

It seemed like it might be a good companion piece to the recent post, Ground Rush, so here it is for your dining and dancing pleasure.

The original title was…

Vent: Work

Things have been changing recently at work. In fact, for two years or so, lots of things have been changing at work; you’ve probably noticed.

The economic and work scene has been chaotic and scary; our government appears out to lunch; a fix seems far off and challenging at best… The uncertainty and foreboding, not to mention the financial situation itself, has generated many changes at work and in our lives.

Me, I keep waiting for a change that doesn’t suck.

I keep waiting for change that will make things better.

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