Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

Another one lost

rainAnother co-worker lost a battle with cancer this week. This is the second one washed off the sandbar, and the universe is now 2-0 on taking really good, wonderful people long before their time. Throw in unexpected brain aneurysms, and it’s 3-0.

(On the other hand, my mom beating it three times kind of evens the score. Throw in several strokes, and you’re talking about someone who’s pretty good at dodging bullets. Wonder Woman as a Music Teacher and she—literally—sneers at death! She’s just slightly awesome!)

But today raise a toast, shed a tear, tie one on, fly the flag at half-mast, beat the drum, read a poem, howl at the moon or hug a loved one. The fucking dragon won a round this week.

RIP, Sharon. You leave a hole.