Daily Archives: February 4, 2014

Seahawks in Seattle


Best start of a football game ever!

Those who know me know I became a hard-core baseball fan four years ago  this June. Those who’ve known me a long time found that mildly surprising; for most of my life I had little or no interest in sports of any kind. But as I’ve explained before, baseball got under my skin at a time when I deeply needed something totally new in my life. And in getting to know it, I came to really love it.

The year or so prior, I’d gotten a bit into football. To some extent that was echos from the marriage; both my ex- and step-son were into football. Of course, like any kid who grew up here, I played sandlot football and baseball. Both sports were familiar, but I was never really a fan until my “baseball awakening” in 2010.

But while football didn’t “take” with me, I often do watch the Super Bowl.

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