ravesThese are a few of my favorite things:

  • Laughing; I do it a lot!
  • Dogs (the best kinda people)
  • True Friends and Gemütlichkeit
  • Baseball and The Minnesota Twins
  • Science Fiction
  • Detective Novels (especially Spenser)
  • Computer Programming and Computer Science
  • Quantum Physics and Cosmology
  • Philosophy and Theory of Consciousness
  • Good Movies and TV Shows
  • Micro-brewery Beer
  • Intelligent, capable women

You’ll notice the list isn’t numbered. The items are sort of ranked in order of importance or preference, but when you come right down to it each one brings joy. I’d fight long and hard before I’d give up a single one.

A key criteria for membership on this list is spending years being something I have loved. It requires an enduring presence in my life to make the Raves list. As such, this excludes favorites that are new or have been passing. For example, skydiving, pistol shooting and Doctor Who are absent. The first two were fun, but have passed into memory; the last one is a new member (but could be filed under Science Fiction).

Also, I’m horrible at ranking things. I’d be hard-pressed to tell you my favorite color, movie, TV show or book . Ranking is even harder with more serious topics, such as my favorite True Friend.  Or Beer.  So I usually stick with “Top 5” or “Top 10” lists.  If I need to go larger: 20, 25 or even 100.

As time goes by, the list may change. Life is a process.

8 responses to “Raves

  • Lady from Manila

    I’m surprised Blogging and Writing aren’t on the list. You seem like a natural blogger, as if every post you put here had been effortless. Of course, I am mistaken because you told me a while back you expended time and energy in almost all of your pieces for your blog.
    As another tough workweek is ahead once more for me, I may have to go offline intermittently but I’ll be back soon. Have a grand week, WS. See ya again on this site very soon. 🙂 Take care.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Interesting point! The Raves list contains things I’ve sought and wanted to be a part of my life. Writing is just a basic part of the fabric of my life… It would be sort of like putting breathing on the list. So built in, that it would never occur to me to list it.

      And writing is a form of work. I do spend time and energy. (You mentioned once that you can agonize over words, especially when you realize you’ve used the same one twice in close proximity. I’m the same way.)

      Blogging is still too new to be on the Raves list, and I’m not sure it quite falls into the category of being something I Rave about. It’s effort and work and a mission (to some extent) and a drive… but it’s not something I Rave about.

      I’m not sure I can really say why, though. I’ll have to ponder on that one.

  • athenaminerva7

    I like most of those things except I have no interest in baseball.

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