rantsThese are a few of my least favorite things:

  • People talking on cell phones while driving
  • People talking on cell phones
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • “Reality” TV Shows
  • SPAM and Telemarketing
  • Advertising in general
  • The “interweb
  • Mass-produced Beer
  • Politicians (“People get the government they deserve.”)
  • Stupid People (See first three items.)
  • Mean People
  • Most People (Let’s be honest: I’m a misanthrope; Sartre was right!)

You’ll notice the list isn’t numbered. The items are sort of ranked in order of disgust or loathing, but once past a few top ones, it’s really all of a kind.

They all make me rant, although some less virulently than others.

For instance, I’m sure there are politicians of good character and will. It’s the overwhelming majority that goes beyond merely poisoning the well; they strip-mine the mountain on which the well exists.

And, in all honesty, I don’t hate mass-produced beer. I just pretend to hate mass-produced beer. You’ll never see me actually drinking a Bud (let alone any so-called beer with “Lite” in the name), but that’s at least partially pure beer snobbery. Coors Banquet and Pabst Blue Ribbon are both quite drinkable beers.

The other thing is that some of these overlap. Talking on a cell phone while driving, by definition, makes you a stupid person. Stupid and dangerous. Seriously, don’t do it. It just shows you’re a complete moron with no regard for anyone else.  (And that puts you at the top of the list!)

As time goes by, the list may change. Some things abide; some things change.

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